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Stine Bang

Restaurant manager
Geist employee since 2013

When conducting a job interview, I speak with the applicant for no more than half an hour. We can know whether we have a match only when they participate in a dinner service. How does the person move in the room, how is their sense of humor? What is Geist? You don't feel it until you're there. 

We don't hire you as a waiter just because you have a lot of experience, or because you are good at wine. We hire you based on who you are as a person. You won't be brought on at Geist so that you can build an identity; you will be brought on at Geist because you have an identity. 
Although we are all very different, we have a commonality grounded in a serious-mindedness and in a sense of great personal autonomy. And most of us are super-dedicated to something outside of Geist. This means that people bring a lot of different things to the table. Geist attracts personality.

At Geist, you must have a natural interest in the people around you. It is not something that can be learned from reading a manual or going through a checklist. If that is the case, you forget the person right in front of you. As a waiter at Geist, you must have the courage to make yourself visible; you must have the courage to put yourself out there and talk to the guests. Otherwise, you will lose them.

Geist has a very special vibe on Sundays. We are in touch with each other in a different way than on Fridays and Saturdays when the whole restaurant is buzzing. 
During Sunday lunch service, many of our guests are about to depart for the airport. They have visited Copenhagen and reveled in the city in every way possible. And they are just happy, they have been recharged. And then they just want to eat here before they have to leave. It is pure love.
Or Sunday evening, when people have just landed in the city and are about to enjoy themselves for an entire week. Then there is a feeling of anticipation. There are many international guests and it does something to the place. All possible international languages bouncing around the room. 

Sunday is also the table with four chefs from other restaurants who have come over after finishing their own work weeks. They don't really sit and talk, they just want to consume the whole menu. They zone out.
Or the couple that has decided to celebrate each other with an evening a Geist. They have made an effort, and they have taken a stand. I like that.