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Jeppe Nørfelt

Geist employee since 2014 

Geist has a boiling point, and I fell in love with that from the beginning. On my first shift, we had 246 guests in the reservation book and no idea how to make space for them all. Bo said, "Remember that tonight we will die beautifully". That sentence was our shield.

As a guest at Geist, you will be seduced. That may entail some nervousness initially. There is not much information, so you need to trust. Maybe you feel a little like you're in deep water? You use the waiters to decode what is going on. You can use the waiter as a lifebelt, but most often the guest prefers to go with the flow. You are out on the open sea, and you can feel the waves. There are so many impressions, sounds, tastes. Everything is so perfectly chaotic. But there are ropes and safety nets in everything.

I became responsible for the wine list pretty early on. There were extremely many very young wines on the list and perhaps not so many traditional alternatives. I liked to make space for the guests to to able to get the wine they wanted.
There is a huge freedom in the menu. You can come in and eat a single dish and take off again, or you can come in and order 11 dishes and create a complete tasting menu. I felt that the same flexibility was missing in the wine list. If the guest is to be able to create his or her own evening, they must also be able to drink the wine that they want.
Finding the right wine for the guest is a magical experience. But it is the guest's desires, not my desires, that take precedence, and that desire must never be negotiated at the table.

There is a lot of space at Geist, a lot of air. Sometimes, a physically large space can deter people. It can set some rules for what you are allowed and not allowed to do. And it can make you feel like you have no space to be who you are. At Geist, I think the size of the room creates the opposite effect.
It's OK if you get a little tipsy at the bar, maybe it's even a place that encourages it a bit. At the same time, you can have your own very private evening over at a table. You are in touch with the room no matter where you sit. There is a natural noise that creates the connection between the tables.
You can do exactly as you want. You can request exactly the kind of evening you feel like having.
And as a waiter at Geist, you have every opportunity to say yes.